Brocks GN

Sep 5, 2005
I just bougt this car and tonight I did a run with my scanmaster down a highway and every thing seemed ok untill third I guess and the knock shot from 00 to 10.8!!! :eek: . I immediately let off the gas. Is there something wrong with the KS?? or what. I do not know how much boost the car is running.... any suggestions?? scared the crap out of me.
You need a boost gauge to make sure you are not overboosting.
Knock my increase more in 3rd because this is the point that the most load is on the engine.
SFITurbo said:
Octane? Boost? Have you done a COMPLETE spring cleaning?

Yeah. Get back to us with some boost numbers and octane fuel. Is the gas old in the tank, as it sits I looses some of its potency.
Like I said I just got the car and ordered a boost gauge. The gas gauge does not work and so I put 93 octone in it every 200+ miles to be safe. I just did the spring cleaning. I did notice there was a rip connected to this I had to drive it home so I tried to patch it up the best I could till I can get a new hose today, I do not know how to operate this thing and do not know what it is set at. It does have a aftermarket fuel pump don't know what kind, and it has a fuel pump hot wire kit but it is an old kit. So I am buying a boost gauge and a casper fuel pump hotwire kit. Forgot to mention but the O2 read out at WOT was 804 on SM.
Don't be getting on the car until you get a boost gauge.
That setup is a bleader valve setup to control boost.
A hole in the hose you note will cause overboosting.
If the Hotwire kit is wired correctly then there's no reason to replace it, age should not effect it unless the wires are toasted for some reason.
If anything, the pump should be replaced if you are unsure whats in it.
But, with a tear in that hose, that is the reason it overboosted and you got tons of knock. Fix the hose then get into the boost very slowly and watch the scan master and also note your O2s, they should be around .800mv or higher with pump gas when getting into the boost. Don't set boost higher than 13psi to start with until there is no knock and all the rest of the number look ok.