Knockoff TA Headers - Modified

May 25, 2004
Up for sale is a set of stainless ta knock off headers with crossover pipe and bolts. The headers have been ported to match gaskets as well as modified to fit correctly! They were mounted to my block for over 2 years but the block never made it into the car. My loss is your gain. Asking $275 plus shipping.


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If these are still available I would like to purchase them. I can pay through paypal or money order asap. Thanks and I look forwarding to hearing back.
They are still currently available. I have not heard anything from Nick or 87 yet. I would like to give them till tomorrow morning to respond if they are interested or not. That work for you?
hojo - you are next in line now. let me know if you would like to move forward. shoot me your zip code via pm and I will get you a total cost with shipping.