KTF trans any good?


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seeing how it's spring again and i want to drive my car, i'm wondering if i can do anything with the KTF trans that's in the car now to hold me over until i get the $$$ to put the BQ trans back together.
it goes right into gear instantly and shifts really nice at anything less than 1/2 throttle and doesn't burn the fluid. it would be a great trans for a stock 307 powered daily driver.
if i was to put a shift kit in it and a better servo- along with the D5 converter i recently acquired- would it make for a decent trans to get me thru a summer of driving? i'm thinking i could use the stock BQ servo, since i want to get a better one for that trans when i put it back together, anyways.
is it possible to drill the valve body for the 3rd gear pressure switch so that i can make that part fully functional, as well? if so, what size bit and tap do i use to do it?
it's actually been in the car since i broke the stock trans in 2005 and lets me drive the car- but i miss the fun of WOT upshifts and actually being able to build boost before launching..
funny.. i did a quick google for that trans code, and found a post i made here back in Sept of '05 when i got the trans that i'm asking about.
i thought of doing that, but i'm going to need those parts in case i ever get the BQ back together...
if i was to do that, it would essentially be a BQ trans, right?
as Hannibal used to say on the A Team- i love it when a plan comes together. tomorrow, the car comes apart- gonna pull the motor and trans together so i can take care of a few leaks in the motor and see if i've actually got turbo guts in it. it also makes it easier to swap the converters when i don't have to wrestle with putting a trans in the car all by myself laying on the floor.