Laclede County, Missouri


May 26, 2001
Howdy! I have moved from Colorado Springs, CO, to Lebanon, Missouri. You're probably asking why.... because my wife wanted to and after 31 years of her following me around the world for the Air Force, I figured it was her turn. So here we are. Any board members out here? Springfield? Rolla? St Roberts? Ft Leonard Wood?
Keith Hansen
I went to school in I live in Washington, MO (just up I-44 from you). I'm not sure how many board members live near Lebanon. Good luck with your relocation :). I have a friend that grew up in Lebanon, MO.
You're in Imo's Pizza territory there. Once you have an Imo's you'll be spoiled.
Come to KC sometime! Lots of TRs up this way.

Springfield has some pretty rad car shows down there, too. Enjoy the simple life, cuz it don't get much simpler than down there...hehehe