Last minute tuning on Friday, 23rd???


Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone was gonna try to get their car dialed in for Saturday's race on Friday night. Good luck Jackson, hope you find that boost bug. Hey Derrick, thanks again for the pipe and maybe you can test out your car Friday. Hope to see you all there!
Happy Thanksgiving!

So who's going on Friday night? Hows the two Derrick's got your cars runing?
BTW anyone got a stock intercooler I can borrow? I think my boost problem is in the intercooler, probally leaking, can't find anything wrong, will remove the intercooler on Friday and check for leaks.
I will be working on the car Friday morning to check for leaks in the intercooler and i'll let you know asap. And the chip I will need to borrow also (Jay Carter race) unless the Testa chip comes in by Sat. You work tomorrow?
What kind of boost problem do you have? High or low. If you switched chips since the last time you ran that could be the problem. I'm working tonight call 547-3986 if you want.