Late 2-3 shift


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May 26, 2001
A friend just installed a JW shift kit(YA I KNOW)and now has a late 2-3 shift,about 40 -45mph,but if your in Drive and shift it into OD it goes into 3 as soon as you shift it to OD.What effect would a bad govenor gasket have ?Checked all common stuff,TV cable,fluid level,etc.
Whad'ya say Bruce?

I vote to change it back. Hope he didn't toss the spring out.
thats was it

Thanks Greg and Bruce,i got a hold of my friends VB and checked it out and sure enough,he had the wrong spring in the 2-3 valve,it was too small to even fit over the valves landing,put the stock one back in and all is fine.Thanks again.
Great!!!!! that is cool when you get one that kinda "talks to you"

Glad all is well and happy motoring..