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California Man sues CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

CORONA, CA (Corona Times) - A man is suing CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake for an on-air incident involving the exposure of one of Ms. Jackson's breasts.

Steve Bosell of Corona, California has filed a lawsuit claiming that
the incident left him physically ill, induced vomiting,
psychologically scarred his children and has ruined sexual relations with his wife.

"I just couldn't believe what I saw during the Superbowl Halftime
Show. How could CBS allow Justin Timberlake to expose one of Janet Jackson's breasts on the air?" Bosell said. "I had just eaten two foot long sub sandwiches, which I bought at the local Subway sandwichshop. When Janet's breast appeared on TV I became physically ill and vomited before I could even make it to the restroom".

According to the lawsuit, filed within hours of the incident by
Riverside attorney Delores Blasingame, Mr. Bosell claims his children were psychologically scarred because they were first frightened and then laughed at him.

"My own children ran away from me screaming like I was some sort of puking boogeyman who was coming to get them. After I finished vomiting on the living room floor, the children realized I was in a weakened, pathetic state and began to laugh at me. I am now in the process of hiring psychiatrists for my children." Bosell said in a strained voice.

"Later in the evening, my wife refused to be intimate with me after I had cleaned up. When she finally agreed to be intimate and took her top off in the dim light of our bedroom, all I could see was Janet Jackson's big ugly breast with a metal star covering the nipple staring back at me. Then to top it off, I swear that it morphed into Michael Jackson's face! I suddenly realized I was still aroused with Michael's face staring back at me. At this point my manhood totally stopped working" Bosell said while breaking down sobbing. "I don't think I'll ever be able to get it up again!"

CBS and representatives for Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake did not return calls regarding Mr. Bosell's lawsuit.

"I demand compensation because CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin
Timberlake went absolutely out of their way to make me look like a fool" Mr. Bosell said. "I am asking other people to come foward and join my lawsuit against CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake."
Originally posted by 1ARUNEM
"I had just eaten two foot long sub sandwiches, which I bought at the local Subway sandwichshop.

Had just eaten *2* Foot Long Subs.
I think that says alot right there.
What has this world come to?
Most of it sounds like something an idiot would sue for, until, "Then to top it off, I swear that it morphed into Michael Jackson's face! I suddenly realized I was still aroused with Michael's face staring back at me." That's just silly.
But if someone did use that story in court, I would hope the judge would give him the finger for wasting his time.
Sorry, sound the BS sirens. This sounds more like an urban legend. If it were true then this man's problems don't lie with Janet Jackson. They lie in the fact that somebody needed help LONG before watching the SuperBowl. I have yet to see this clip but I can't imagine it would make anyone throw up. Besides, if it does... don't watch TV, "You can't handle the truth!"
That sounds like BS to me as well. Unfortunately I am sure that scenario will not be BS in a couple of weeks. Somebody is going to sue somebody over this.
The incident was stupid and wrong, this even tops that.

California Man sues CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

Ah, that explains it. :p ;)
I am 99% sure this is all a hoax. HOWEVER, the way things work now, it would not surprise me a bit if someone tried it.. I thought you all would get a good chuckle over it.. I did..

Hell, people sue for anything these days. This world is going to hell in a handbasket (and somebody just put a turbo on it)..

Have a nice day..

Yet another example of wanting something for absolutely nothing. Check the financials of the Plaintiff, and see what the real story is behind the lawsuit.:rolleyes:

The attorney is no better. If these are the only kinds of cases they can take, maybe they should pursue another career??

I believe that in stupid lawsuits such as this, that the plaintiff AND especially his attorney should be held responsible for the court costs, etc of the defendant, should the case be dismissed or in favor of the defendant.
I agree; I think whoever wrote that 'report' had their tongue planted very firmly in their cheek. I suppose it would be easy to verify though. Has anyone checked the Corona Times for the story? IS there a Corona Times newspaper?
Granted, our kids have seen worse but it was a cheap stunt and sure as hell didn't belong in the Superbowl half time show. The lawsuit is silly, but CBS and the NFL should think about suing the entertainers for damages and breach of contract.

And then they attribute it to a "wardrobe malfunction." Absolutely. I'm sure she normally wears a cast iron star shaped pastie under her costume...just in case.
for those interested there are pics and even a video in this thread. Hopefully I won't get banned for posting it.

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<Shakes head>

WTH has this world become.