LC2 vs LT1


Looks slow, goes fast!
May 26, 2001
OK, which is stronger, as far as horsepower and torque limits: a two bolt LT1(93-97 F-body) or LC2(86-87)-stock block, crank, rods, etc.?
Asuming you have to use forced induction to achieve the ultimate HP limits, I'd say its a toss up with a stock, untouched motor.

Turbocharge a stock LTI and the pistons will disappear about the same HP the stock LC2 drives over the crank.

Both can be BUILT to take much more HP.. it would depend on how much money someone was willing to spend.
If you're talking forced induction, I would say LC2 hands down.

It's designed and built by the factory as a forced induction motor.

A stock LT1 can usually take a good dose of nitrous if good fuel is used, but put boost to it and you are almost guaranteed a ring land failure.

(they do OK when built correctly however :) )
If you can't touch anything inside the motor I'l also have to say it's a toss up assuming you can run any power adder you want.