leak coming from the shifter, easy fix?


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I have tranny fluid coming from the shifter rod on the side of the drivers side of the tranny. Is this just an o ring that is in there? What is involved in fixing the leak?
Metal clad seal. Just like yolk or front seal. Replacing the correct way involves dropping pan and pulling the manual valve lever and pry out with a 9/16 open end wrench. Then replace by driving in with 1/2 socket. BE VERY CAREFULL!!!! No gorilla pulls or hammer hits.
File sharp edge with file on transfer rod before sliding through seal to reassemble.

Now KD makes a seal remover tool to do with shaft and all in there. It comes with remover and installer peice. Same exact tool that fits the 350, 400, 200, 2004r, 700 r4.
Go to a local shop and ask. They will know. So its borrow or pay to use tool as if I remember they are not cheap, or a trans fluid bath is in your future. Either way easy fix.