Leak from oil pressure switch.....


May 27, 2001
Now that it's running again I need to tackle the oil leak. It looks like it's leaking where the adapter screws into the block. The problem is if I get that brass adapter thing tight, then the hole where the oil pressure switch screws into is facing the rear of the car. Has anyone just blocked it off and what size is threads?
Have any of you guys just blocked off the port to the block and did away with the oil pressure switch?
If I just block it off is it gonna cause any kind of no start problems without a sensor plugged up?
The sensor only comes into play if the fuel pump signal from the ecm is lost. It acts as a secondary contact based on oil pressure.
What are you using for an oil feed line to the turbo?
The switches are an oil pressure idiot light as well as the fuel pump backup power source.
Ive got the PTE turbo saver oil line on it, I just cant get the brass "block" fitting tight with it facing forward so that I can screw the oil pressure switch into it. If that piece is tight, the hole for the switch is facing the rear of the car and the you cant get the switch into it.
I used a Pontiac Fiero oil pressure switch thats for a analog gauge fits perfect on the side of the 109 block without having to use the brass T. I have a Gn motor in my cutlass with all the gauges and it gives me a reading on my oil pressure not like the light that come on the Gn.

If you did want to go that route and install a gauge but you'll also have to swap out the pigtail to the new style of pigtail connector. I installed this with some arp thread sealant and have no leaks!