leaking fuel line, NOT GOOD...


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I was comin home tonight and i dont know what I hit, but i heard something hit the front suspension..

Stopped at a gas station and looked underneath.. saw the scrape on some parts.. ntohing bad.. then i saw something dripping.. that flexible line from the tank that bends up to the fuel filter got damaged somehow and now it drips about 1 drip/sec at idle.. i drove the car home and everything is ok.. but the line still leaks..

where can I get a replacement? anyone know?
Seems like something you could get a dealer, they could order it overnight.
fuel lines

Actually I have tried to purchase the flexible fuel lines from GM and anyway for an 84 neither the feed or return was avaiable I think only 1 is avaiable for the 86-87 cars so good luck. Some advice though. I took my lines to a local guy who ran a shop who specialized in hi-pressure hyrdalic hose and he said that he could fix both my existing lines for the cost of 1 of the gm originals. he cut off the old line and then brazed on some new metal hi-pressure connectors and hi-pressure fuel line and he charged me $21 . price for 1 gn was 25 at dealer price
I bought one off of a parts car in town. My original one is crimped or bent. It still works but looks like it might hurt flow. You can have my old one if you can't find a replacement.

I would also go to a hydrualics shop, I used to work at one they should be able to hook you up.
Well I took the line off.. replaced the o rings and fired it up.. still leaks. I guess maybe its the fuel filter? The line looks fine.. I cant see anything wrong with it.....