Leaking Intercooler?


Oct 24, 2010
My engine rpm's are surging at idle and a friend with a non TR turbo engine noticed my intercooler had something in the fins. After shutting car off I checked it and it looks like jb weld. There is quite a bit of it across probably a 3 sq inch area. His thought was that if there is an air leak in the intercooler, it would cause the engine to bounce rpm's because of the introduction of extra non controlled air. Is this plausible? How do I tell if it is actually leaking?

Just bought car and have torn it down, so have not driven except for trip home (75 miles). Engine runs well and have changed the iac and egr valve. egr seemed to reduce rpm variation. plugs look clean and uniform.

Take the IC out of the car and fill it with water. You'll know if there is a leak.

If so.. your car will run bad.
be sure to drain water and run air to dry it before using. :eek:

Only mentioning this....
You can also bring it to a radiator shop. Most will leak test it for 5 to 10$. I had mine pressure tested to 25 PSI.