Leaning Out Problem..... Help

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Dec 21, 2003
On my 87 Gn it has a BAD lean condition under Wide Open Throttle, I have done a Fuel Pressure test and it holds 60 PSI of Fuel pressure @ WOT with no Loss of pressure ever... I have it set on 18 pounds of Boost and it has a set of Blue top injectors, The car ran well, but now it is dead at WOT... I hooked up a direct scan and the O2 Voltage was going crazy ,replaced the sensor and the car runs better and the voltage is more stable but under full throttle the voltage reading drops below 100 millivolts, sometimes below 50 millivolts..... One more thing If the tires are spinning (HARD ) and the engine isnt loaded it RPMs great and it doesnt go lean, is it time for injectors or do you guys think it is a Fuel Volume problem ? It has a Red Armstrong Pump in it .... Thanks For Any Help, in Advance......... :D
couple of things: When was the last time you changed the Fuel Filter? Next, 60 isn't that high thats only 42 psi f/p stattic, maybe bump it up to 45 and see what happens. Finally it sounds stupid but how much gas was in your tank when you experienced this? Just some thoughts.