Lee Thompson


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I heard you are the man for the hot air cars. I've been reading up on this board and your one of the top guys that know his sh*&. So I was pondering if you could give a couple of us some good recipes to run 11's-12's in the 1/4. I believe that many of us would appreciate if you could.
Thanks for your time.
Allan Simmons

There is no magic formula. The same principle that apply to an 86-87, apply to the 84-85.
A stock short block, that is sealed up well
A GOOD set of heads
A BIG turbo, The bigger the better
The exhaust system on the 84-85 is the biggest restriction
A good fuel system with plenty inj. at least 36 lbs.
Suspension system must perform
Keep the fuel and air cool
Intake and exhaust ports and T B to Turbo must line up. Any place there is air flow the openings must match. Close is just that, close. They have to fit.
How big of a turbo

How big should the turbo be. I'm planning to run the tm kit. If you can give any specifc information on running high 10s low 11's I would appreciate it.

Allan Simmons