leftside motormount


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May 28, 2003
im trying to find a stock leftside motor mount for a customer's car. my part stores say they dont even list a part number. anyone know the part number of where i can buy one? its a 89 tta. thanks. Len
Both the motor mounts are the same. The left side needs to have the two tabs trimmed about 3/8 of an inch. Just look at the original you take off and it will all become clear.
Yep the mounts are the same but the tabs been grinded down slightly on the driver side for clearance ... probabrly for the trans cooler lines.

You can get them from NAPA for about $25 each, or the GM passanger side is still avalible I beleive for soemthing like $50
Mine are the expensive Pioneer brand. Both drivers.. no grinding was needed.