lets get a list of who's coming to vmp this weekend march 2nd


Buick Tweaker
i'll be riding out to meet up with you guys but if its too crouded like normal on first weekend i may not be up to sitting in the staging lanes all day for a pass but i'll come out and meet you guys/and gal..;)
we can just meet there that way time isnt a factor just find another turbo car and thats were everyone should be

i'll be in my white ttype and my buddy might bring his GN also
Lisa (lghtemup) and I will be there.. Just look for the cute short girl with the 6'3" Herman Munster lookin guy... That'd be us.. :D

No racing for me but I wanna meet everyone and see some racin...
:rolleyes: Short yes......but I will be with the tall handsome guy:D . Yes David that would be you ;)

I'm split!!!

I'm about halfway between Rockingham & VMP. I'm guarenteed a return trip to Chapel Hill if I break something in Rockingham (you know me & my philosophy of expecting it to break & then being happy if it doesn't) but I've some fond memories of when I use to run at VMP, so I dunno. This assumes I even end up coming out to play anyway (my apartment is long overdue for a complete clean up, I'm way behind in catching up on my bills, etc etc) Anyway, if you guys see a relatively beat up looking T-type (Bronze) or a worse appearring WE4, that would probably be me.:D
i'll be there..what time should i get there...also, what's the website for VMP...i need to get directions from D.C./northern VA...
also, mason...i hate to admit this, but i get jealous everytime i look at your friggin' signature....you make me sick...i believe there is something that you aren't telling us.......:D

i just sat here at work and stared at those times and the mods....my mouth is watering knowing that you don't have that much on your car as everyone else lists in their signatures sometimes...CAN I BECOME YOUR STUDENT...:D

i'm not shooting for that low in the elevens yet, but i do want to see an 11.90 time slip this year....i'm pretty sure you'd be able to help me.....plus, i hang out in northern VA and maryland, so VMP and the richmond VA area can be my testing ground...so i won't get embarrassed by these guys in this area whose cars are animals and are serious about taking peoples money.... ;)
when you say dave kelley's and something about a second car, do you mean the car that i have that i bought from him...because if you do, i would like to talk to the guy that owned the car before him...not saying that i don't trust him, but i would just like to talk to him....
i regret to inform you that i will not be able to make the meet on saturday ( and watch the weather be nice too ) due to a death in the family....i didn't really know her all that well, she was my great uncles wife...but my dad needs me to be there....
yea yea if its dry out i'll be up there..:)

but for convienence to others if its not going to rain at vmp ...might need to consiter it unless all are willing to go to mir.