Let's Play Name That Time Slip!


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Jun 11, 2003
Ok, i'm bored so humor me.:D

I managed to get the T to the track a few weeks before it closed to see how she ran in the cold air. I wanted to take it out one last time before I yanked the engine to transplant the mill from my GN.

The deal is to guess what it ran (1/4 mile) based on the mods listed in my sig line. Tires were borrowed from the GN: 28x9" Hoosiers. Pinion angle is negative 6*. Runs were made through the mufflers and a high-flow cat. Chip is an old Eastern Performance 93 octane Street Lethal. I was leaving off the foot brake at 4psi (all the cold track would hold). Boost was set at about 21psi. I also have an old KB cold air set-up on the car.

Just to be fair, I have to tell you this car always ran better than it should have. When I first got it, it had a burnt intake valve in the # 6 cyliner and still went 13.80 BONE STOCK on regular radials. It's just a freak car.

Let the games begin!

EDIT: Just checked my time slips, boost was 23psi, not 21psi.
Almost forgot. TB.com member "Rink" is banned from this contest as he knows what the car ran. :p
I'm not spilling the beans until there are more replies. ;) Come on, guys, let's hear from the combo gurus.:D
Ok, I was never good at keeping secrets too long...

Looks like wlaukaitis was the closest. The T went 11.57 @ 116mph. 1/8 mile went by in 7.37 @ 93mph.

Anyone wanna guess what it'll go with the GN engine?:D
wow, guess i was off a bit, nice time though, you weren't lyin when you said it was a freak