Let's show these Ferrari boys how to travel in a straight line...


eggs are liquid chicken
If anyone is near Homestead Florida this weekend, come by and see the race! We just about totaled one car, but we have a spare.

We are the first two trailers in the paddock. "Level 5 / SuperCarLife" First two garages. Wear something TR and I will find you.

There are only 25 entrants this race, 1 car lost due to idiocy. (not us)

It's fun, loud and there's lot's of pretty cars and arse.

oh yeah, $10 bucks to get in. This will get you into the paddock and at the pit wall fence.
My estimate shows this FUBAR to be around $29,500.00 minus nuts and bolts. Mostly body work. The F1 pump for the tranny is $16K alone.
Above total is without RISI Houston doing the frame straightening and body work.

Our car 55 poled and finished first. The second guy (totaled car, but with spare) qualified 20 and came in 11th. These guys did great.

One more race tomorrow and it's down to the Keys for me.

Hope some of you guys can make it tomorrow.