LH dash wiring 13 cavity connector


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I'm swapping out the stock 85mph gauge cluster on my 87 GN for a NVU setup. After removing the gauge and the backing panel it attaches to, I found a 13 cavity plug on the LH side of the main harness. (The harness that goes up, over and behind the cluster.) The four plugs I removed from LH side of the backing panel for lights, dimmer, twilight sentinel and gauge input all exit the wrapped harness at the same point as this mystery connector. However, I can find no mating plug or module that the13 cavity connector might plug into. I have several other dangling, unplugged connectors under the dash, but as yet I haven't encountered anything on the car that doesn't work. I've only had the car a few months and unfortunately, the buddy I bought it from has dementia so I can't rely on him for advice. I've searched the chassis service manuals but haven't found anything relevant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Vic

Thanks! I did some additional research and from what I read on the forum, the a-t controller can be disconnected and or removed without affecting other systems. I don't see the box nearby, so it must be in a landfill somewhere. Appreciate the help.
If that's the case, then my controller is definitely AWOL. The trunk sticker lists the UA6 RPO code so it would have been equipped with the a-t feature. Thanks again for the info!