License plates


Jul 6, 2007
Cool license plates and frame...
I was wanting something for the front bumper to break up the black....My car was a Texas car and the front plate to me set off the car... of course quik6 was kinda cool too... Anyway Wife wont let me have something that might provoke a street race on it... so I am lookng for something cool, but not to in your face... Also Id like a frame for the back... this can be a little fun as I doudt she will ever notice it...LOL...;)
How about 2SLOW? That doesn't provoke anything. (cept amybe the Z06 guy taking his Vette back to the dealership because his poor car is running like CRAP!! because a dang Grandpa car just blew his doors off and it even had plates that said "Too Slow"!!!!!!!:biggrin:

Local guy has those plates. Don't let 'em fool you. He runs 10.70's on pump gas. Soon to be faster when I finish the 274" StageI:eek: :biggrin:
I had EFFNQWK (F'ing qwik)on my 1st TR, but the F@*kers that stole it took the tags, so I couldn't get 'em again in MD. I've always liked stuff like JUSTAV6, IATEAV8, etc. Good luck with it!
I am not getting a custom DMV plate this would be something aftermarket or airbrushed so its a little more wide open.. Thanks for the input though I like those !
my fl tag is "not a v8". my first gn plate was "no v8" but that car was stolen back in 1997.:mad:
You could put 80's Muscle... Kinda cheezy but safe... Import eater is cool too... I eatv8s,..whos next??? that wouldnt provoke anything.... lollol. Think2x... If you have a posi, 2 tire fire or fyrer your choice. good luck......