Life after No Start


Ran outta hand cleaner
May 27, 2001
As many of you know, my ride has been almost 1 year in the making and I have had many troubles along the way. Ever since engine assembly, I have not been able to start it.

I finally got her running today after complicated injector siezure and 2 faulty cam sensors. Now that she runs it's off to the body shop (ATR exhaust parts sound great by the way). After which I will post some pics of her.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your much needed assistance along the way. Your expertise and helpful advice was a great asset and saved much guesswork.

i take it that the cam's still hanging in there so far after all that cranking over on it..

thats cool good to hear its finally take it for a spin..:)
Great to hear man. I guess now you're the expert on no-starts =)

Enjoy it before that white stuff starts falling from the sky :)

When mine go's back in and it's not starting you will be the first i write. Glad to hear it runs good luck with it.
I'm changing my slogan to "Resident NO START guy"


Thanks again boys...