lifter ?


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well took my car into do some tuning.Everything was going great,fuel was perfect 17lbs boost.Getting ready let it fly got on it second hit third got to 4,000 rpm's and boost dropped lost power went whacky.Got out if it motor is ticking internally.I replaced stock valve springs saturday with Part #6746
Heavy-Duty Valve Springs Set from kirban.Drove two days was pretty hard on it.Is it possible that the stock 66,000 lifters failed and that is my ticking.It sounds like it is in the top half.Iam thinking the spring pressure is to much and collapsed it.
well pulled the valve cover driver side two of the bolts that hold shaft mount down ratteled loose.I used blue lock tight and torqued to spec and stil came loose .So I am going to retorque and use red this time.Just to see if this was the problem of noise I tightened em and noise was gone.All the pushrods are straight thank god.