Lightning, No Thunder


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May 27, 2001
There is a guy with a worked up Red 2001 Ford Lightning that I see all the time at the local car shows. I was at a show tonight and as I was leaving, I spotted him coming up behind me on the highway. I was in the right lane behind another car going about 50 mph waiting for him to catch up. As he gets next to me, he slows a little, so I peek over and am surprised to see his passenger waiving "bye bye" to me with a big smile on his face. With that he jumps on it. I quickly pull over in the left lane behind him, bring up the boost and fly by him on the right. After putting a quick few cars in between us (felpro says I was only into it for about 4 seconds total) I shut it down. The fun part was seeing his passenger's confused look as I let him pass me :)
My low 13 second stock Turbo T would not be capable of putting that kind of a whooping on a mid to low 13 second Lightning from a 55 mph roll, especially with the jump the Lightning had. So yes, it was the GN with all the work done to it, tuned for mid 11s. The Turbo T has low mileage and I decided to take the plates off and just let it sit in the garage for a while, so it hasn't been out since last November.
good kill! there are a lot of those lightnings on the road and at the local street racing spots. they think they are kings of the road as only modded cars and ls1's can take them. i havnt lost to one yet and dont plan to.
The Lightning is too heavy to be competitive. It is like have a heavy car....People think they have a supercharger that they are are a racer or something....

Good kill, maybe he will think twice next time...

It is hell getting beat by a big ole brick......