like the stickers on the side or not

stickers on the side

  • like the indy pace car stickers

    Votes: 26 56.5%
  • dont like them

    Votes: 20 43.5%

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I think the ones on the Doors, the Windshield banner is UGLY.
I'm sorta in the middle. I don't have them on my car and like it that way. But when I see them on another, I like it also. I keep going back and forth as to whether I should put them on. Clean, stealth, ordinary GTA...Surprise! or Rare, its a pace car.
I like them with full war gear:p

these cars are sweet with or without decals. my cousin has one and no matter what decal you may have, maybe 1 out of 20 people will know what a TTA is:eek: We have heard it all
Originally posted by webleyaz
I love them in the box.

especialy when they are worth 500 i have been told in the box
but i still have them on my car

You can buy duplicate decals from John's Performance for $49.00. So I bought some and slapped them on some thin white magnets, now I can put them on when I want them on, and take them off to go in "stealth mode" if there is such thing, I don't think anyone knows the difference anyway, Pace car or GTA, they probably just think its a TPI GTA Pace Car..:(
(Pics of the decals on magnets)....:
I with you on this one George, I like em, I dont have them on but I will be getting them soon and putting em on.

I also fly the windshield logo too, the end decals are starting to wear, does any one know where to replace these???????

Working also on a good Personalized plate idea thats is something about it being a 20th anniv pace car!!

Having owned my car for less than a week,I so far like them.It takes away that firebird look.

Plus have gotten thumbs up on them.

I agree with letting them fly the colors.

show them

People don't have a clue about these cars Still the fastest production TA. The car is a pace car so why wouldn't you show them. #587
I know this thread is OLD....

I like 'em. Of course I think most people are biased one way or the other according to whether or not they have the decals on their car.

I think they make the car "stand out" among other cars. Most people see the stickers and think the car just has some nice pace car decals on it, but nothing under the hood. :)

Kind of a "reverse stealth" approach.
2QUIK6 has the ultimate idea IMHO.:)

I dont have my stickers on but, I am open minded and would try the magnet idea for around (60?) I always liked them with or without them.

Yea, the magnets work great but I've found that I have them on almost all of the time now as absolutely no one gives the car a second look without them so I'll probably end up getting another set of decals and putting them on permanently. Also if you leave the magnets on an extended amount of time small rust spots may apear under it if there's any metal flakes attracted to the magnet.
A Pace Car without stickers aint no pace car!

Have them on the car and also a complete box, so don´t worry......