Liters or gallons


I am trying to decide on a fuel pump. Some posts urge a 255 gph fuel pump but most pumps listed are 255 lph. Which is correct, gallons or liters?
Most manufacturers go with LPH.
Main point is to look at your build, see what you need with the fuel you're using, & the power you're making to decide between a 255, 300, 340 etc.

I also look at the manufacturers sites to see what amperage each pump could pull at a specific P.S.I. that way I'm ALMOST positive I'm not overloading my pump wiring.
I'm thinking a 255 lps fuel pump with 42lb injectors and a mild TT chip . Is there a recommended fuel pump brand name that has had great success? I have seen some negatives comments about the walbro but it seems to be a popular choice. Is TI a good choice? Any thoughts?
Walbro, DW, Eric at TurboTweak sells a 255, & Racetronix to name a few.

Get a Hotwire setup if you don’t have one already. Can get that from Caspers or TurboTweak. Since the bigger pumps pull more than the stocker.