Lithium jump starter recommendations

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Looking to buy a couple of these. Any recommendations on one that really works? Are they better than the larger jump starters that were popular a couple years ago?
I haven't heard much about them other than the one Dennis had on display at one of his open house events . I was looking at NOCO products . I know their battery chargers are top notch . I guess it's how much do you want to spend . Sam
Probably good if you are going on a road trip. I bought a JNC jump pack recently and love it for jumping high compression cars or carbureted ones too. As for a charger I went with snap-on
kirban 2 cents worth

I was one of the very lst companies to offer them sold over 600 of them. they are amazing I have 3 of them use it to charge my phone to various testing in my pole building...the small one slook like a smart phone I had the bigger ones that would crank a diesel or V8 car. today they got a few more gadgets on them....key is not to leave cable son long as they heat up.

I was convinced when I got my lst one to try went to my buddies junk yard doesn;t let people walk a regal key in ignition inspection sticker was 2010....hooked it up and car cranked like it was parked last week and this was in the dead of winter.....2010 and this was 2015.....

saw one being offered few weeks back on QVC.....when was was going thru the channels..
The Power On Demand POD X5 is one the best on the market. It can store a full charge for 6 months to a year, has an 18 month warranty, is no bigger than a smartphone, allows for different voltage outputs other than just vehicles, has a high power, 3 function led flashlight, and a slough of adapters that can allow it to be used as a power source to various other electronics; even a dead cell phone. All of this in one small, convenient carrying case. But like Dennis alluded to, with these you need to turn them off and disconnect both clamps from the terminals almost immediately. They recommend after starting the vehicle, turning off the jump starter and disconnecting the clamps within 30 seconds.

But if big and bulky's more you're thing, you definitely can't go wrong with a Booster Pac ES5000. And if you're alternator fails, it can also be used as an emergency battery(if you can close the hood). I know I have before. Squeezed it under the hood of a Camry and drove home about 40 miles once. It still recharged and showed no ill-effects afterwards.

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I have a Quipall Max, #PCAJS500. 500 amp, flashlight, USB, and auxiliary output, but you need to buy the adapter for cigarette lighter use. Works great. Larger than a phone, about 4"x8"x1"

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The one that Kirbans performance sold a couple of yrs ago works very well!!!! I have used that thing several times on my GN when the battery was dead and it worked great.. The car was completely dead and it was 28 degrees...

I take it with me when going out four wheeling and it has been rough housed in the tool box.

I love it
Guys I ended up buying one from Battery Tender. Had good reviews on Amazon and got it for $75 shipped. Not a lot of bells and whistles, just an integral flashlight and one USB port but fit my needs. Coincidentally my sons, car had a dead battery in his car the day after this came in so got to do a real world test on it. Charged it overnight and went to try it on his car. Was about 25 degrees out and car was sitting about a week. Battery only had 3 volts. Hooked up the jump starter and it cranked and started.
I bought the the one from Kirban. I have used it at least 20 times. I take to the drags. Always goes on my boat. I'm very happy with it. Highly recommend!!

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