Lo Rev support puller

Thanks for the tip! This can be a pain to remove. I watched one anonymous mechanic having to wrestle one of these out without this tool.

-Mike H.
I just warned my wife I'm bidding on a fish scale. :rolleyes:

I wonder what the blue painted thing is.

Cursed Kent Moore does have a listing of what all their tools do, but the CD is $50! :eek:

They have some bushing drivers in other auctions, but I can't tell without going to their catalogues, or thumbing throught EVERY trans overhaul book made.

The good news is that the seller is clueless as to what these cost new. :)

From someone else, I found an output shaft assembly support:

the problem is that it needs another adaptor to work with the 200-4R.

Then, a band apply gauge:
I was beat on that L/R puller by a last minute bidder, but I bought another one. I also bought a 200-4R band adjuster for $29. Yes, some VB kits have shims to adjust the bands, but I interested in seeing if I'm in the ball park. Now, if I can get an ebay deal on bushing drivers. :cool: