Looking for the best tires for GNX style wheels.

Thanks guys. Thats what kept popping up during my search. I'll get coming tomorrow. Again, thanks for the quick input.
thats the ones i went with
bfg gforce sport
245/50 front and 255 /50 rear .. same as the gnx came with
I got a good deal from tire rack, some kind of promo or something. I also saved close to $100 because I picked them up from one of their warehouses nearby...Mike
hello people; I don't know what the best is but on my Kirban 16x8 rims I recently went with a Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ all season. I know it's not a sporty tire but this last sunday I put on about 200 miles in all sorts of road and they work well. I don't know how your suspension is but don't forget that.
I was out all day and only seen 1 TB.
forgot 245x50 tire size.
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