Log File- Test Hit


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Feb 13, 2013
Hey all,

I have everything on my Power Logger hooked up except my fuel pressure transducer. I was doing some odds and ends on the car today, and wanted to take it out for a test hit while recording a log. Unfortunately, I don't think this log will reveal much, as far as engine health.

I launched from a dig, built up to about 5-7psi on the footbrake, hit the gas, and almost instantly blew the tires off. I had to let out way early and try and let the tires hook. I don't even think I full hit WOT. I was a little gun shy, my knock sensor was showing red, but my wideband was only reading 11.0- probably false knock?

My local track won't be open for a couple weeks, so I'll update this thread with better logs once I get head out there.

Thanks for the input.


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