Lone Star Buick Brand X Bash 08

At this point I'm schuduled off on this day :biggrin:
If it stays that way I will be there.
Wow, has it already been a year since the last one? I'll try and make it more than likely without the T, maybe next year with.
Dammit I would love to do this.

Phil and Dan you punks better take good pics and videos so I can enjoy the fun from up here in the freezing snow of the panhandle :(
Phil and Dan you punks

Will are ya feeling lucky.... Punk! (stated in my best internet Clint Eastwood Accent).

Sorry to see you can't make it we will see you at the next one.
just fired the car up since Noble, and been driving it to work all this week.. its lookin good for Temple !!!
Well?...What happened!!? I can't believe that there have not been any posts or pics yet!