Long cranking times. Fuel pump primes but not get power when cranking.


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I've spent hours reading all the posts. I see people post in threads with my same symptoms but no solution. Fuel pump will prime but not get power when cranking.

I have to crank the car over until the oil pressure back up powers the pump. I changed the fuel pump relay, no difference. The fuel pump will prime and I get pressure in the rail the first time I turn the key, subsequent key cycles will not prime unless I wait for maybe 20 seconds. When cranking the pump does not get power/zero fuel pressure until the oil pressure backup kicks in. Once I get oil pressure it fires right up, I can shut it off and it will crank and fire easily. Until I let it sit and lose oil pressure.

I know the cam sensor is working, runs poorly and engine light comes on if I unplug it while engine is running. I was going to check the cam sensor and timing next, would this cause my problem?

Or bad ecm?
Your car seems to be hard starting for some reason, that is normal operation for the ECM and fuel pump circuit.
Should take 10-15 seconds for the ECM to reset the prime. Car should start on the first prime unless the fuel rail is draining off the pressure via a bad check valve in the pump etc.
Just my .02.
Not sure if the op understands this isn't a "new" vehicle that you "bump" the keep and it busts off. Or if there really is a problem as the ecm generally needs a revolution or two to get it's crank signal established then looks for the other signals.

I put a half tank of gas in it and the long crank issue is gone. Works fine everytime now, no idea why.