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Ok, here goes. I've never had to have any of my Turbo Buicks emissions tested before today. I took Sarah to be tested today. She failed of course.

I failed the HC.

Standard is 1.40
Readings were 1.98

Everything else passed w/o any issues.

Here's what I did and what I didn't do and I think I know what to do for my next visit but I want to run this by all of the Smog gurus out there.

Installed new high flow 3" cat.
Installed new TT Emissions chip for 60#ers and disconnected Orange wire.
EGR still hooked up and fully functional.
Fuel vapor canister fully functional.
Lowered fp down as low as it would go. Chip says 38psi, but I could only get 41psi with this Blue Kenne Bell regulator. Not good I know.
Drained all the old gas out, which was a mix of 2 gallons of C16 and 4 gallons of 93 Shell. Poured in a full tank of Shell 93 with one bottle of G2P. Ran it down to 9 gallons on the gauge.
Disconnected WG actuator.
I made the mistake of leaving the fan on which did lower coolant temps down to 170ish range. I know we're supposed to let the emissions chip run the fan, but I would like to know at what coolant temp does the fan kick on with Erics' TT Emissions chip? I get nervous seeing temps over 210*.

I watched the tester drive my car, and just like some of you have said, he was trying to get it too build boost and even looked disappointed when the boost gauge wouldn't build boost. He wasn't too aggressive with the loud pedal, but he could have been smoother. I know I could have been.

Here are the only things that I can think to change before my next test.

- Change oil and filter.
- Order a new FP regulator and make sure the fp is down to 38psi hose off.
- Run this tank of gas out and run a half tank of Shell 93 and another bottle of G2P.
- Let the Emissions chip control the fan and temps. Don't manually over ride the fan.

Ok, please give me your guys' best advice. Have I missed something?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure all of the C-16 is out of the tank. If you were running race gas I would put in a new GM O2 sensor. I would change the oil and filter. Then I would add 2 bottles of heet to the gas tank, get the car warm and take her in.
Run out the GTP stuff. It's only a system cleaner.
Refill gas with 87 octane, that's right 87, and add some denatured alcohol to gas tank. Close but not more than 10% denatured alcohol. Get it out or run it out after test.
Reconnect WG actuator. I'm not sure if the ECM sees the TPS going up, it's going to add fuel, but it's missing the "air" to go with it. Just set it real conservatively. (just a guess)
Let the ECM control the fan. 210+ is what you need. It's only for a little while.
No harm done.
Run stock, or hotter plugs...put your old ones back in when done.
Make sure car is real warm before the test. I stayed out of 4th gear when driving to my test. When waiting your turn, keep the RPM's up, way above idle. The hotter the cat. conv. is, the better.
Change oil just before the test. (same day)
New O2 is good too.
How's your air filter?

Don't romp on it with this combo. It's for emission testing only! (duh, you know that)

If all else fails, get a genuine GM 3 way cat. conv. Those high flow one's don't cut it from my viewed experience.

I fast passed like this!
Let me know how it works. :biggrin:

I have passed in California with the 60lbs injectors and
over 38lbs of static fp.
You should do a new O2 for sure..

Good Luck man,
I totally forgot to say, that I changed the O2 sensor out this past Sat and didn't drive the car until today. Air filter setup is a brand new cold air kit from BuickGN.

I will drain the tank and add some 87 octane and HEET, as well as change the oil and filter and let the chip run the fan. Keep it hot, I got it.
I just hope the temps can be maintained in the 210-220 range while the monkey behind the wheel is doing the test.

Last question, does anyone know at what temp the TT Emissions chip cuts the fan on at?

Thanks for all the help guys.

I re-installed my original stock cat and never did anything else and my car passed easily. If she fails again, borrow a friends stock cat that has passed your local emissions test. Just my .02 cents Patrick. Good luck.
I re-installed my original stock cat and never did anything else and my car passed easily. If she fails again, borrow a friends stock cat that has passed your local emissions test. Just my .02 cents Patrick. Good luck.

There is something good about those OEM GM _3-way_ catalytic converter$ that the aftermarket doesn't match...I believe.


your numbers almost looked like mine. Your HC's were alittle high. The guy who runs these test said one of the things that causes HC's to be high is a dirty restrictive air filter. I basicaaly did evey thing you did lower FP, run emissions pass, unleaded etc.etc. Run out of things to do. So I had to leave didn't pass, so I was bummed what do I do, had to recheck it and needed to get her registered waited till the last day as usual.

Remembered what the guy said about air filters so since mine is hidden under the car behind the left headlight I took it off completely, so no restriction, no dirt, no notha. They look for everything to be hooked up they make sure you have a cat on, your EGR id connected, cannister, they don't look for air filter. Took it off and car came in well below the original HC numbers, Amen it passed and got her reg. for 2 years give it a try. What did you do he asked ? The other thing this dude said was to make sure you've driven for at least 15minutes to get her warmed up and get her lungs cleared out most people don't do that they just pull up it's not just getting her to operating temp but to blow some the Hydrocarbons out.. So figuring she's an old 20 year old cougher andhacker I drove her for 25 minutes on the Highway to get her lungs cleared out.

Sounds stupid but no air filter and 25 minutes of Highway driving brought those stupid a$$ HC numbers down.
Whats the latest? Did you go back for another test?

Don't bring a camera, or anything like that. They have signs around here
that say you can't have them in there testing cars.
I don't blame them. Last time I went, and took an 89 Chevy Blazer, the PUNK tried to run the test on the rollers W/O chocks around the front tires.
Needless to say since it was a stick shift, the truck was rocking back and forth on the rollers, almost coming off. He had to hop out and let another "tech" (LOLOL) do it because he couldn't keep the speed within the required range. :mad: :mad:
When a seasoned worker put chocks under the fron tires, the truck fast passed.

Imagine if it was your GN/TTYPE and it rolled off into their PC screen and junk.

Gawd I hate those places.

No reply young Jedi? :rolleyes:



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Trannys broke, haven't been back to test yet. Not sure if I will anytime soon because of the trans.

Here is how you can pass...

Move to a state where there are no tests... lol

Or A Province...wow you it have strict, I thought Vancouver. BC was bad
But in all fairness your Country is one of the worst emissions gas polluters. maybe thats why their strict..makes sense.. just my 2 cents don't need to start another war.

I don't like going to BC and see the layer of death that is there now, it was so beautiful 20 yrs ago, which is a microscopic drop in the wheel of earth time. Course who am I to talk. I feel for Both:confused: But of course I only run my car 10-15 times a year for only a 11 or so secs.lol

if the only part that was failed is the HC's - it is usually just dirty oil & sludge. New plugs, oil & air filter will usually fix the prob if all the other areas passed.