Look What The Big Brown Truck Brought Me!!!


More Cubes!
On the left (being replaced) is a Turbonetics Stage 4 (TE60), on the right (already in) is a Turbonetics T72 P trim.

:eek: :biggrin: :cool:


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Oh sorry about that he must have gotten lost on his way to my house.

Very nice though makes sure to get some pictures of it installed.
The engine that is now in the T was in my GN which went 10.79 at 125mph. The GN weighed just under 3700lbs. and ran a T70. The T-Type is a little lighter and as of today, the engine now has a T72 instead of the T70.

I ran the Stage 4 during the downtime between the 70 and the 72. Boy did it spool quickly with the 9" convert that was originally stalled for the 70! This 72 definately spools slower than the 70, but man does it rip once it's on boost!! :eek: I had it in the car less than 30 minutes after I took it out of the box. :biggrin:
JP87GN said:
Thats a BIG BITCH! What size is the air inlet? 5"?


It just looks ENORMOUS next to the TE60. Next purchase will be a 4" mass air pipe. That should help it spool a bit better. For now I am running the 3" mass air pipe.

I had a 5" pipe custom made when I had this engine in the GN and ran the 70. Now I wish I never sold it. :mad: