Looking at a car a new problem! Help


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I passed on the 1986 GN I was looking at a few weeks ago and found a 1987 WE4 83k miles minor mods. Drives great, No rust, solid car. The owner (A straight shooter) said the noise I've heard from the front of the engine is mostly a timing chain as per his mechanic ( It sounds like something touching the fan blades) In fact it reminded me of baseball cards in the spokes of a bicycle. The price seems very fair (5500) Based on the known history of the V6 do you think this could be a wise purchase? Or are the V6 known to have bigger problems other then a timing chain? The car nice looking, few small dents,clean inside and boy does it run good.But if the odds are it needs an engine then that price isn't so good. Thanks for any input.