Looking for a couple M&P 22 mags. Anyone?


Dec 21, 2012
Damn this is getting crazy, even here in gun-lovng Montana! AR's are up to $3000 if you can find one! All I'd like is a couple of magazines for my S&W M&P 22 pistol. They list for $26.50, but are on backorder. Why? Cause asswipes keep buying them up and putting them on ebay for $100+! I can appreciate making a buck or two, but this is borderline price gouging!
LMAO! You want what again? :rolleyes:

Got two friends searching for weeks to not pay Gunbrokem prices. And of course they're BOTH part of the problem...

"Well, they didn't have any M&P's but they had ten Glock's so I bought em and have four listed on GB,,,"
which results in them getting the other half dozen for FREE!

I made point of showing them their gluttony's results last week when an area outfitter, Fin Feather and Fur took a half page of their bi-weekly flyer to tell their loyal customer's just how ugly it was getting for them and how these condition's would force many outfitters and gun stores under before too long, while wondering if that wasn't the master plan of this administrastion from the beginning....

Personally I think it's much more devious than that.....

We have some, we sold them for $100 a piece on gunbroker:D We had to pay UP for them so best I can do is $50 if you want....
Its supply and demand right now. I sold my AR for 2000 bucks. Plain Jane M&P 15 Sport. Its with anything thats in limited supply.Why not make a deal on the people who want to overpay. SGRIM's price is a deal right now. So Id jump on it. I look for stuff everyday, Bc people need money and alot of people arn't out their jacking their prices up. The deals are out there