looking for a grand national video


i remember watching a show on cable where they had two teams mod two stock gns and at the end they raced and the winner would keep the losing teams car. this was like 2-3 years ago i want to see it again and was wondering if anybody new the show im talking about so that i can try to find it
I remember the show but cant think of the name either. I think The GNs were 85s and not modded very well. Thsy also ran VW's, trucks, and other oddball stuff
I remember that episode and it sucked. They were tired 85s and there wasn't much detail about what they actually did to them, and in the end it turned out one had internal issues to begin with so it ran lousy and the other didn't run much faster than lousy.
I don't think they ranany faster than a high 13 or something like that. Id on't even think they used an alky kit or race gas. THe 2 guys that hosted the show seemed like ricers and I do remember they put on bigger turbos though, which probably slowed them down;)

You'd have more enjoyment watching youtube!
I remember seeing the show in question.They hung front mounts ,and bigger lungs,and bigger in tank pumps,and pretty much no tuning whatso ever.The premmise was ,two "teams",x number of dollars,and so many days.Who ever won got both cars.I think both cars ended up on E-Bay.The two dudes who hosted the show(can't remember names) run a tuner shop in california.The episode with the V W Bugs was cooler.One of the bugs they built were actualy packing the front wheels when they launched.
the two guys run a shop called twins turbos, they know how to make Suoras and RX7s fast....guess not hot air GNs! I was very disappointed in their results.