Looking for an 87 Buick Turbo Regal in either Gray or Dk. Blue:

Mine meets every criteria that you are looking for, but she’s not for sale, sorry, it took my quite a few years to find her, had a flight booked to Florida to purchase one, deposit sent and all, then this 18,000 mile garage queen popped up 50 miles from home, and deal was done.
Good luck with your search, they are out there, and you will find what you are looking for.

Thanks. Seems like a bunch out there which are either modded, or not quite the options/configuration I'm after. But I'm patient, and optimistic. Thanks, all.
Even if you find a “stock” car, plan on spending some cash on it, even though there wasn’t anything wrong with mine when I purchased it, still put around $3,000 into it before it even hit the road, all brace kits, cold air intake, all new coolant hoses, fuel pump, hit wire kit, power plate, etc.
The one posted above is a nice car for the price, been for sale for a while now.
Hope you find what you are looking for!!!!!!
If youre still looking and patient, I am in the final stages of a full professional frame off restoration on the exact car you are looking for. Dark blue, Blue interior, floor shift, power windows, hard top, WO2 package. 100% Stock factory restoration down to the nuts and bolts and little stickers on the air box and fuel rail. Give me a call if you are interested and would like to hear more. 516-356-6238. Tyler.
Still looking...


For the 1987 Buick Turbo Regal: Condition should be #1 or #2 cars. I am Not looking for projects, rusty/crusty vehicles, or vehicles which need work or incomplete. Turn-key vehicles, only.

Please note: Must run/drive/with all systems operating properly. Not looking for projects or highly modified vehicles, and any light modifications should be reversible - thank you.

Principals Only, please actually own the vehicle(s) you represent, thanks. No brokers or locaters, please.
I am not a dealer. I am a guy who happens to like these cars and others, from the 1980s. Been around these cars since they were new, and owned an 87 GN in the mid-90s.

1987 Buick Turbo-T Regal Hardtop-only
Specifically, a 3.8L Turbo car in Dark Gray, or Dark Blue (and prioritized in that order).
Must be stock, or with light mods, and reversible to stock, with parts.
  • No major paintwork or stories. (If repaint, please provide pics of car in-process)
  • Must have W02 Blackout trim
  • Bucket Seats/floor shift-only
  • Analog Dash-only, please, not digital.
  • No T-Top cars or Astroroof cars, please.
  • Electric windows (and not cranks)