Looking for bumper fillers for 87 gn painted already

How much do you want to spend ?? Because SpoolFool's are black gelcoated . Many say they are that good and don't need painting .
Are you going to Bowling Green , might be some used there .
Like Sam said, the Spool Fools are very close with out painting.

This is what I did. The match is not 100% perfect in certain light condition. But 99% of the time it looks like a perfect match.

Beats painting them for my application.
I have some


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I have put on 2 sets so far and yes, they fit very well. No fuss.
Spoolfool's fit perfect and look great right out of the box. Period.

He even has a step by step video on YouTube of how to install properly.
Best of luck in your decision.
I'm famous for making mistakes tryin' to save a couple bucks.
Jus' sayin'.