Looking for gauges and grey pod


Looking for a grey gauge pod and gauges for an 87 GN. If anybody is looking at updating what they presently have I would be interested in your old stuff, if reasonably priced. Would prefer to pay via paypal if at all possible. Shipping to 58271.
I have a single grey A-pillar pod (2 5/8") and Carbon fiber series Autometer vac/boost gauge (30-30)
$50 shipped
I'm interested in the above A pod with Boost gauge. $50 seems fair to me! Would anybody also have a console gauge (grey) with a couple of other gauges that might match the above?
Oooops, In my last post I meant to say the console pod. Looks like I'll be buying the A pillar with boost gauge. Does anybody have a console pod with perhaps oil, water or etc gauges?