Looking for GMP GN 1:18 10-Spoke Wheels (American Racing Vectors)


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I am currently looking for 1:18 scale GMP Grand National/Regal rims and tires. These rims are like American Racing's Vectors. If anyone has modified their car and upgraded the rims from the ones pictured in the link below, I'm interested in buying them.


I just paid $36 for a GMP model just so I can remove the rims and use it on a 1:18 scale General Lee model. If anyone is interested in selling me rims like the ones in the pic, email me at generalleefanatic@yahoo.com. I would also be interested in trading the car that I bought (without rims) for a set of these rims. I know it's possible to order wheel sets from GMP. I just haven't seen these particular rims anywhere.

Here's the car that I'd be willing to trade: