Looking for GNX 157


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Dec 17, 2004
Hey all,
I have posted in the Turbo Lounge about the Dayton Auto Show and seeing a GN roped off there...It was a nice site. I also ran into an old friend that I had lost contact with and was the original owner of GNX 157. I have several pictures that I am trying to find of the car. I had a friend that had a PRISTINE GN, me with my WE4 and then the GNX. We would meet, park and chat. A nice way to pass time. I had forgotten exactly which number it was and had not seen the old friend in quite a few years...probably 12 plus years.. I had found out a few years ago that he had sold the car. I had actually forgotten which one he had exactly owned. When I saw him that was one of the first questions I asked him. I also asked him if he regretted selling the car...You know that answer.
I work in the HVAC field where I have several titles..... Lead service tech, field service manager, and lead sales man.....One day some years ago, I ran a service call and found through conversation that this guy used to work for the dealer that sold the GNX. He remembered the car being roped off in the showroom and he had participated in the sale of the car. He also remembered my friend buying the car. The dealership is Riechard Buick in Dayton...I think I spelled the name of the dealership correctly.
The car is also in a Buick book that I have. It was written by a gentleman by the name of Bill Holder. He is also a customer of mine, and quite a fellow to talk to. He remembered the GNX well.
When the car was owned by my friend it was not treated the best. It was kept in a garage with the door raised just enough for the cats to get in...Wondered where they liked to rest? It was nice to see cat hair all around the windshield wipers. There was also a stain in the passenger seat, and I dont think the car was waxed that much......
I am wondering if the car has a good home now? Where its at?
I also heard that the car was sold pretty darn cheap....$15,000 to $18,000??
When I heard that I got a little sick........
Anyone know where its at?
Just wondering.