Looking for good U-Pull in Carbondale, IL area.


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Would especially like one that has a half price day, but anything is better than nothing. I'm heading down there this Saturday and will be there for a week. Actually, anything in between Chicago and Carbondale close to I-57 would be good.
Marion is actually the place I am staying. When I say U-Pull, I mean a junkyard that you go in with your own tools and pull your own parts. Usually up here, you pay 2 bucks to get in, bring your own tools and pull whatever parts you want, then pay at the counter. Looking for a big one.
I can only think of one and I'm not sure if he still allows it. It is Falmers junk yard in Carterville. The is Dans salvage just down the road from them but I dont think they are a u-pull place.Its been a long time since I've been to either one.