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I posted on the sy/ty forum but that place seems dead? I've been doing a little work on a buddies typhoon and what a pain in the ass. That engine bay is jam packed.

Here's what we have going on.
60lb injectors
Turbotweak chip
Alky kit will be installed soon, waiting on 3 bar map sensor.
Not sure what size but BB turbo, large frame
ATR cat back exhaust
MSD coil, cap and rotor
ACr42ts plugs in it.

I got a handle on the truck running right and a basic tune, all sensors within parameters per Eric's directions. Currently only at 9psi boost. Runs excellent, very smooth but I suspect wastegate solenoid and or flap may not be operating 100%. I was able to adjust boost in the chip but not much with the 2 bar map. The boost will hit 12psi or so on occasion from a dead stop, then drop down to 7 or so and creep back up to 8, sometimes 9. I've read that it's common in these trucks that they hit higher boost closer to 70mph or at higher RPM?

Anyone have any advice? I'm use to the Buick hitting the desired boost and staying right there until I let off. I looked at the vacuum lines and they all looked good. Like I said, truck runs very very smooth, no break up, and feels like it wants to just pull but I'm not familiar enough with the setup to know, if the boost creeps up or should it jump up to desired boost quickly?

Last question is, what is a good alternative to the factory intercooler? I'm sure being its liquid cooled it probably is somewhat efficient, but damn it's in the way of everything! Has anyone ditched the intercooler and maybe added a second alky nozzle?? I mean damn, that intercooler setup is cumbersome, hoses, piping, brackets, pump and electrical FML!!

Ok thanks for any help!!
Keep posting on SyTy. Things have changed over there but you'll still be able to get answers...it just may take longer.