Looking for OEM gray valve stem caps


Feb 23, 2015
Have an 87 with 10k and all original except for the tires and battery. Also the valve stem caps were lost by the previous owner at one point and replaced with black ones. Looking for good used gray originals.

Have a set coming. Happy that I can still find good used ones. I did not want painted reproduction caps.

I have several of them here 20 bucks shipped for 4

Sent gn4u2c $20. Received 4 common aftermarket gray valve stem caps one can buy anywhere. :(

gn4u2c told me he would send me the correct caps but never did. :(

gn4u2c has now stopped relying to my emails.

So I started a claim with PayPal to get my $20 back. Sad.

Someone else offered to send me a set of OEM GM factory original valve stem caps for free. I sent him $20 because it is worth that to me.

I guess it is buyer beware. At least I did not send the PayPal funds as a gift to avoid the PayPal fees gn4u2c would have paid. So keep this in mind when buying parts off the internet. Do not pay them with PayPal gift funds.