Looking for some info about car and ANS performance


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Hello everyone I just purchased my first Buick Grand National (33.5k miles) and am looking to learn as much as I can about the car. I want to start with the people who did most of the work ANS performance (Melrose Park,IL). I know they went out of business but wonder if anyone knows or knew someone from there and where they might work now.

The previous owner was very good at keeping the records/receipts from the work done but the receipts are kind of generic. For example they don't list what turbo was installed they just list the turbo price and turbo install price.

I want to be careful with the car and realize I have a lot to learn. I also know there are a few things I still need to purchase and install on the car.

First I need to get a scanmaster/data logger system.

I also took pictures of the turbo and am hoping someone could tell me just by looking at it what turbo it is...I believe it says AIR .60 on one side and "Precision" on the other.




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partrick might be able to help you but its hard to tell. also just one other thing i noticed while looking at your pics is you might want to put some zip ties on some of those vac. lines you got going to the turbo and what not.
Join the chicagoland chapter GSCA. You'll find lots of knowledgable folks willing to help. Best car club ever.
Chicagoland Chapter GSCA

Your turbo looks like a smaller sized one.. maybe a PTE51 or a 44. Precision Turbo and Engine is the manufacturer. ANS used lots of turbos from PTE.
Precision Turbo & Engine - Turbocharger, Intercooler, Fuel Injector, Performance Parts & more!

A/R .60 is the "area/radius" ratio of your compressor cover. It's pretty much standard for that size range of turbo.
Pete Barton that owned ANS with his late father (RIP)
works for Precision Turbo now.
The more I've thought about it and looked through the old receipts, I would bet it's a 44. No biggie, I'm just trying to get a handle on the car I just bought and gather as much info as I can. I want the car to have a long, happy, ass kicking life:biggrin: and that starts with me knowing as much as I can about it and it's life before my ownership.

Also Dr Boost was able to shed some light on ANS and said Pete used a lot of 44's.
Congrats on your new car! Take it to the Midwest Challenge in September and you can meet many other Buick fans who can help you know your car better. Check chicagolandbuick.org for details.

I will definitely try to make it out there. I might have a wedding that weekend though and there is no way my wife would let me out of that.