Looking for someone.

Lee Thompson

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May 24, 2001
Anyone know who the person is that had a black older wagon with a GN eng. at Bristol last year. I would like to talk to him again about the spray nozzles he was using on his alky system. I beleive he said they were stainless steel and he got them at an aquarium shop, if so I have not been able to find them. Thanks

I don't think he comes to the board. It was aqua mist .030 jets. I think he used 3 of them. I think he is on the gnttype list.

I don't know him, but I talked to him about his system. I liked the set up too.

David Benton

David, Do you know where I can buy the .030 mist nozzle he was using? That is the info I needed from him. I can/t find anything like that locally. Thanks
you may be thinking of Brian Lee's Buick waGoN. His w/a system is basically a clone of a 2nd gen system Denis Kefalinos and I developed and have used for 4 or 5 years. Brian has a number of email addys. Last one I used is:bleebuick@netzero.net

I don't know for sure where he got them. I think the " the radius kid " was with him and knows about his system, and he is on the board.

My computer crashed so i lost the book mark, but I did a search on aquamist and got several hits on the nozzles. Those are nice little and neat nozzles.

Have you tried those MB washer pumps yet. I have hook mine up, they seem to work good. I have been using Meth too.

David Benton

David, no I have not put the MB pumps on my car yet. Just today I hooked them up back to back with a gage on the work bench to see what pressure they will pump. I was getting 38 psi with the return line back into the water bucket with a .035 orfice in it . This was to simulate actual working conditions. The guy at Aquamist said I will need at least 45 psi differental. Say with 25 psi of boost I will need 65 psi of alky pressure. How long have you had you pumps setting in met?

I have been using the meth about 2 months, Bobby has several months, but he has been down the last few months for a rebuild.

38 psi was about what I was getting also. but I'm using the nos nozzle.