Looking for stock GN rims and a pair of 15x3 Pro Stars.


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Apr 9, 2005
I'm looking for a set of half decent 86/87 GN rims and a set of 15x3 Weld Pro Stars.

Not interested in overpriced gold plated wheels.

Lemme know whatcha got...
Paypal is waiting.


GN wheels

I have a set of four driver quality GN wheels that I am about to place in the for sale section. Look for them there.
kirban 2 cents worth

On the wheels by set you mean 4 or just 2? If you have no luck I have about a dozen on hand...depends where you live affects price as 30lbs per box is not cheap to ship.

Email me if you want denniskirban@yahoo.com

Only if you have no luck elsewhere as I have a Open House coming up and they can save people money because of no shipping.