loose rear end


turbo swimmer
Mar 2, 2003
i've been noticing that my rear end feels really loose. if i turn it tryes to keep turning a little, if i'm going straight and widdle the wheel the rear end feels like the little turn it is really exagerated. i really can't describe the feeling to well. i've checked for any loose bolts or anything like that and found nothing. i've only noticed it recently but thats not to say it hasn't been happening.

any ideas, if its normal then no big deal but it feels a little weired.
Are your upper and lower CA bushing getting worn out???

My buddys T-type was doing something similar to that he would give it throttle and you could feel the rear end move a little bit.. He replaced his lower CA with Hotchkis and put new rubber bushings in the uppers and it went away.

Just my $.02