Loosing Power/Boost/Miss


Stop Dreaming
Jun 12, 2001
When I Drive the car at partial throttle it is ok ,but when i drive at wot it looses boost and power ,my boost drops to about 10 pounds from 20, so I back off and I Have a Real Bad miss ,It clears up after One to two minutes and the its ok, as if nothing happened , I checked my ground under the ac bracket and two ground in the back of the driver side cylynder head, Fuel pump is two years old, inj are new,original ICM , original Ecm , no codes checked with snapon mtg 2500 ,I noticed that the OEM boost guage flickers with the miss,but thats because its hooked up to Map sensor,Mabey bad coil???? :

Ok guys this is what was wrong , a bent valve hanging open under wot causing boost guage to flucuate (or Shake)
Hope this helps someone ;)