lost 2nd and 3rd today


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May 24, 2001
Hey guys need some info,, we took vader87 car out today and the trans was slipping some, made another pass, done the burn out 1st and 2nd no problem. launched the car and went to 2nd nothin their as so is 3rd gone too. anthing i can look for to see if its toast or what? need some help...
Confused?? If the transmission was slipping why make another pass? It is toast. Complete tear down and rebuild is the only way to make sure everything is good inside. Sorry for the bad news.
2nd gear band is probably shot as well as the directs.
Call Lonnie at Extreme automatics and send it to em. Cant go wrong

the trans sound like it was blowing thu the converter. i've been down that road before. If i thought the trans was slipping i would have loaded it back on the trailor. i should have said it could of been blowing thu the converter too. the power the motor was starting to make i guess the trans could not stand it.
I ran the car a week ago and was fine, just seemed out the trans could just start slipping. the car had 1.55 60ft on bfg drag radials ran 6.94 at 99 mph at 21# on pump gas and alky with a not so good tune. this is the 2nd time out it, had a better tune in since i'm new to the maft pro and the alky.. also this is is with stock suspision parts.... i dont see many people doing that with aftermarket parts.
so i dont believe i would go and tear the trans up to be doing it Sal Lubrano...
road trip

vader87 posted on my sale thread about needing a trans

If you decide to go that route, I'd be willing to meet you 2 or 3 hours down the road, think we're 400 miles apart. The car I took this trans out of ran the 11.0s your car does and I only have 10 passes on the trans, half were eighth mile.

Email me at tim87tr@yahoo.com if you need my cell number. I was going to keep the trans for any future TR, as you know an extra is a good idea, but it's been sitting around and I'd rather use the money to pay off my other car. I sold my GN in December so I never got a chance to use it in that car.